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Porting To Parallel Server

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Other Options

Before we get into parallel server what are other possible options to allow for high availability and limited downtime for a production system? Essentially there are three other options: standby database, master-master replication and full database copies.

Standby Database

With the standby database option you maintain two copies of the database, one an active database, the other a full copy of the active database left in recovery mode. The archived redo log files are copied from the active database to the standby database platform and are applied as they are generated to the standby database. If the active database becomes corrupted, the worse case is that a singe redo log worth of transactions are lost, this suggests that a small redo log size should be used in the standby database option. In Oracle version 7 the standby database is not accessible until the final archive log is applied and it is opened for use. In Oracle version 8 the standby database can be used in a read-only mode even while it is in recovery mode. Figure 1 demonstrates the standby database option.

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