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Donald K. Burleson

Oracle RAC Tips

Creating the Cluster

This phase of cluster installation involves many steps.

First, physically connect the servers in the clusters. When the cluster interconnect is established, create a redundant connection.

For example, one configuration would consist of the following:

  • 1 x Ethernet for Data, cluster interconnect heartbeat of the Cluster

  • 1 x RS232 connection for the cluster heartbeat

Another configuration would be:

  • 1 x Ethernet for Data, cluster interconnect heartbeat of the Cluster

  • 1 x Ethernet as Standby network - This would be configured as a second IP address subnet.

Note that a bridge or hub is required when using Ethernet for the interconnect.

Once the cluster interconnect is in place, modify the following:

  • The /etc/cmcluster/cmclnodelist file is used by ServiceGuard OPS Edition for remote operations. If this file is not configured ServiceGuard OPS Edition will use the /.rhosts file.

  • Modify the /etc/cmcluster/cmclnodelist file:

  • Format of the file is:

[hostname] [rootuse] [#comment]

Example of a /etc/cmcluster/cmclnodelist equivalence file:

nodehp1 root #node1
nodehp2 root #node2
nodehp1 oracle # software owner on node1
hodehp2 oracle # software owneron node2

The ServiceGuard OPS Edition is installed from the Applications CD-ROM of HP-UX using swinstall.

For more information, see the book Oracle 11g Grid and Real Application Clusters 30% off if you buy it directly from Rampant TechPress . 

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