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Donald K. Burleson

Oracle RAC Tips

Using Veritas DBE/Advanced Cluster

Veritas Database Edition/Advanced Cluster (DBE/AC) provides a complete I/O and communications stack to install, configure, and support Oracle RAC on a Solaris-based Sun cluster. It also provides monitoring and management of instance startup and shutdown. DBE/AC provides a comprehensive cluster framework and software facility.

With the availability of Veritas DBE/AC for RAC implementation on a Sun cluster, we are no longer limited to clusterware provided by Sun. The Veritas Cluster Server, supporting Oracle RAC, is pretty much an extended and enhanced version of the VCS used for database failover clusters. Administrators already familiar with the VCS for HA cluster find it easier to understand and implement. Veritas DBE/AC is a certified cluster framework that is built in with Cluster File System and it is ODM compliant.

It is supported for a Solaris platform. The setting up of the Solaris environment and the setup of the physical components is similar to the earlier section. However, the installation, configuration, and functionality of the Veritas OSD differ greatly. Fig. 6.7 below shows the certified combination of hardware and software components.

Note: We understand that Veritas DBE/AC for Oracle RAC is also being release for HP-UX platform. However, at the time of writing this book the product is not yet certified by Oracle for general use.

Fig 6.7 RAC Certified Systems with Veritas DBE/AC

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We will cover and examine the following topics in this section:

  • Communication stacks which deal with inter-node communication

  • Shared Storage Configuration, ODM, CFS, and Cluster Volume Manager

  • VCS architecture framework

  • IO Fencing

  • Installation of Veritas software

  • Configuration of service groups

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