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Clustered Systems

HA systems are almost synonymous with clustered systems. In order to minimize downtime, two or more servers, called nodes, are linked to form a high-availability cluster system. Here are some key concepts and requirements of HA systems:

  • Automation – Fast fault detection and recovery removes time uncertainty and contributes to a successful HA system in all environments. This process has to be automated and it has to follow a deterministic, tested procedure. By automating the detection and recovery process, it puts a ‘finite bound’ on the length of service outage. By not relying on manual or human intervention, uncertainty is largely minimized.
  • Redundancy - HA methodology requires a redundant set of online hardware to effectively perform the recovery operation. HA systems rely on the backup node to provide the same set of availability as before failure occurs.
  • Fault Management software - Fault management software, consisting of a set of deterministic routines and agents that monitor various components such as CPU, network controller, disks units, operating system, and database application, is required to detect the failures in a HA system.
  • Design HA Environment - To achieve the desired HA effect, all relevant environmental factors have to be analyzed and factored into the HA design.

More details on HA Clusters are covered in Chapter 3, Database Clusters.

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