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Fraudulent Credentials

If the need arises to fire an employee, but documenting the issues become troublesome, review their résumé.  In the soft market of the early twenty-first century, it is not uncommon for a desperate job seeker to forge a work history with a defunct dot-com. The desperate applicant hopes that this fraud will not be detected. This phenomenon presents the IT manager with a unique challenge in verifying employment history with a company that no longer exists or contacting job references who, perhaps, cannot even speak English.

Because of the explosive growth of the IT industry, fraudulent résumés have become increasingly common.  Job candidates have been known to fabricate their college education and the scope of their work experience, smooth over gaps in their employment history, and exaggerate their job skills.  In some cases, job skills may be exaggerated inadvertently, because the job candidate has only a brief exposure to a technology and does not understand their own limitations. 

The above book excerpt is from:

You're Fired! Firing Computer Professionals

The IT manager Guide for Terminating "With Cause"

ISBN 0-9744486-4-8

Robert Papaj


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