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Oracle Disk Layout

What are the sizes of, and available space on, the disks or arrays to be used with Oracle?Obviously, if there isnít enough space on the disk, you canít use it. If the size is too small to handle projected growth, then you might want to look at another asset. Oracle files can be moved, but not with that section of the database active. If you enjoy coming in before or after hours or on weekends, then by all means put your database files on an inappropriately sized disk asset.

Is this disk or array used for other non-Oracle applications? This question has a many-sided answer. From the Oracle point of view, if you have a very active non-Oracle application, it will be in contention with Oracle for the disk at every turn. If the non-Oracle application, such as a word processing or a calculation program that uses intermediate result files, results in disk fragmentation (on NT) this is bad if the datafile co-located with it has to grow and canít allocate more contiguous space. From the viewpoint of the other application, if we are talking about export files, archive log files, or growing datafiles, an asset we need to operate may be consumed, thus preventing our operation. Look carefully at the applications you will be sharing the disk assets with; talk with their administrators and make logical usage projections.

Has the disk been defragmented (for NT)? This was covered before but bears repeating. A fragmented disk is of little use to Oracle on NT; it will be a performance issue. Oracle needs contiguous disk space for its datafiles. If the disk hasnít been defragmented, have it checked by the system administrator for fragmentation, and defragment it if required.

This is an excerpt by Mike Aultís book ďOracle Administration & ManagementĒ.  If you want more current Oracle tips by Mike Ault, check out his new book ďMike Aultís Oracle Internals Monitoring & Tuning ScriptsĒ or Aultís Oracle Scripts Download.




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