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Oracle Disk file striping

As previously stated, the more we can spread our tablespaces across multiple disks, the better Oracle likes it. If you have the disk resources, spread Oracle as thin as you can. While a seven-area configuration performs well, and is easy to maintain, the more disk areas, the merrier.

Disk Striping, Shadowing, RAID, and Other Topics

Unless you’ve been living in seclusion from the computer mainstream, you will have heard of disk striping, shadowing, and the umbrella term for both of these technologies, RAID. Let’s take a brief look at these disk storage technologies and how they will affect Oracle.

Disk Striping 

Disk striping is the process by which multiple smaller disks are made to look like one large disk. This allows extremely large databases, or even extremely large single-table tablespaces, to occupy one logical device. This makes managing the resource easier since backups only have to address one logical volume instead of several. This also provides the advantage of spreading I/O across several disks. If you will need several hundred gigabytes of disk storage for your application, striping may be the way to go.
There is one disadvantage to striping, however: If one of the disks in the set crashes, you lose them all unless you have a high-reliability array with hot-swap capability. Striping is RAID0.

This is an excerpt by Mike Ault’s book “Oracle Administration & Management”.  If you want more current Oracle tips by Mike Ault, check out his new book “Mike Ault’s Oracle Internals Monitoring & Tuning Scripts” or Ault’s Oracle Scripts Download.




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