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The hash_join_enabled Parameter
Oracle Tips by Burleson

In Oracle7 and Oracle8, the hash_join_enabled parameter must be set to TRUE to invoke a hash join. In Oracle8i hash_joined_enabled=true is the default value.

The hash_multiblock_io_count Parameter

Because hash joins often read sequential blocks from the TEMP tablespace, the hash_multiblock_io_count parameter allows multiblock reads against the TEMP tablespace. It is advisable to set the NEXT extent size to greater than the value for hash_multiblock_io_count to reduce disk I/O. This is the same behavior we see when setting the db_file_multiblock_read_count parameter for data tablespaces, except that this applies only to the multiblock access of segments in the TEMP tablespace.

The star_transformation_enabled Parameter

The star_transformation_enabled parameter determines whether a cost-based query transformation will be applied to star queries. If set to TRUE, the optimizer will consider performing a cost-based query transformation on the n-way table join. This parameter also relates to the optimizer_search_limit parameter, as this parameter must be LESS THAN the number of tables in the n-way table join in order for the optimizer to consider a star join. With the default value of five, only queries that join six or more tables are eligible for star optimization.

Also, star optimization requires that a fully concatenated index exist on the fact table. In other words, if you have a fact table with 10 dimension tables, you must have a single index on the fact table with all 10 foreign keys into the dimension tables.

The optimizer_feature_enable Parameter

The optimizer_feature_enable parameter is a meta-parameter set to the defaults for other initialization parameters. Introduced in Oracle 8.0.4, it is a generic parameter that is set to the current version of your database.

The value for optimizer_feature_enable is set for your release of Oracle (optimizer_feature_enable =8.1.6), and it will default to your database version for Oracle releases greater than 8.0.4. The optimizer_feature_enable is a meta-parameter that set the values of many other initialization parameters. When optimizer_feature_enable is set, the following initialization parameters are set to TRUE.

  • b_tree_bitmap_plans

  • complex_view_merging

  • fast_full_scan_enabled

  • push_join_predicate

Of course, you will always want these features, so it is best to leave this parameter at the existing setting.

This is an excerpt from "Oracle High-Performance SQL Tuning" by Donald K. Burleson, published by Oracle Press.


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