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OCP Instructors Guide for Oracle DBA Certification

Chapter 2 - Oracle Database Architectures

Oracle on Unix Platforms

UNIX databases lead all other architectures in database software options and add-ons available to consumers. Hardware vendor (HP, SUN, IBM, etc.) competition in this tier is fierce. Because of this competition, hardware vendors are required to release new hardware and O/S features on a regular basis to survive, making this tier the most technically advanced of the three. Performance and reliability are the key advantages of this environment, while cost and complex administration are the drawbacks.

Traditional UNIX vendors (with Sun leading the way) realize that to compete against Windows and LINUX they must make their operating systems easier to use. Most UNIX operating systems now provide GUI administrative tools, but the majority of administrative duties are still performed via command line interface using rather cryptic operating system commands (grep, awk, ps -ef, cat).

Although alike in many ways, each UNIX operating system has its own variations of system commands, administrative processes and procedures. This complicates application development, operating system support, and database administration for shops that run different versions of the UNIX operating system. Operating system administrators are unable to make a seamless transition from one environment to another and administrators must be trained in each operating system to effectively administer it.

The above text is an excerpt from:

OCP Instructors Guide for Oracle DBA Certification
A Study Guide to Advanced Oracle Certified Professional Database
Administration Techniques

ISBN 0-9744355-3-8

by Christopher T. Foot

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