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Oracle Job Scheduling

Chapter 2 - Configuring Oracle Job Scheduling

Setting up a Test Environment

The MANAGE SCHEDULER privilege should only be granted when a user must administer job classes, windows and window groups.  These objects provide a link between the scheduler and the resource manager, a feature which had traditionally required the DBA role.  The roles and privileges associated with the 10g scheduler will be presented in the following text.

In the previous script, a system privilege and an object privilege were granted to job_user to allow the creation of a task to schedule.  The following script creates a database procedure that will be used throughout this book when creating jobs.  This procedure uses the dbms_system package to write a user defined string to the alert log at the start and end of the job.  The body of the procedure loops 100 times with a sleep of one second in each loop.  It also uses the dbms_application_info package to write information to the v$session and v$session_longops views.  The use of the dbms_system and dbms_application_info packages will be covered in more detail in Chapter 5 of this text. 


-- *************************************************
-- Copyright © 2005 by Rampant TechPress
-- This script is free for non-commercial purposes
-- with no warranties.  Use at your own risk.
-- To license this script for a commercial purpose,
-- contact
-- *************************************************
-- Parameters:
--    1) Text to identify this test job.
-- *****************************************************************

The above text is an excerpt from:

Oracle Job Scheduling
Creating Robust Task Management with dbms_job and Oracle10g dbms_scheduler

ISBN 0-9744486-6-4

by Dr. Timothy S. Hall

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