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Oracle Job Scheduling

Chapter 1 - Overview of Oracle Job Scheduling

Migrating from dbms_job to dbms_scheduler

alter system set job_queue_processes=0;

Next, the use of the calendar syntax to replace the PL/SQL expressions used in the repeat_interval should be investigated.  The calendar syntax is easier to read than a PL/SQL expression and always results in a specific run time, rather than a drifting interval.  The previous repeat_interval value could be altered as shown below, scheduling the job to run every day at 6:00 a.m.

repeat_interval => ‘freq=daily; byhour=6; byminute=0; bysecond=0’

Once the basic jobs are converted, the next step might be to identify common job_action and repeat_interval values that can be used to create programs and schedules, respectively.  The job definitions can then be revised to use these sharable components, allowing a single point for management of job definitions.

If control of the resources allocated to jobs is desired, related jobs can be grouped into job classes which are linked to specific resource consumer groups.  In addition, window definitions permit automatic switching of the server’s active resource plan, which allows the automatic process of altering resource usage over time.

The above text is an excerpt from:

Oracle Job Scheduling
Creating Robust Task Management with dbms_job and Oracle10g dbms_scheduler

ISBN 0-9744486-6-4

by Dr. Timothy S. Hall

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