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Oracle Job Scheduling

Chapter 4 - Chaining Oracle Jobs Together

Conditional Job Creation

In the order and billing example, the time between tasks was long and the run times were fixed, excluding delays.  An example like this would not be very useful here since it would require a significant amount of time for the chain to complete successfully.  Instead, assume that a process made up of three tasks must run in sequence.  For the purposes of testing, the times between tasks should be relatively short and instead of fixed times, rolling times should be used.

In this example, each task will simply insert a record into a table, which can be created using the following script:


-- *************************************************
-- Copyright © 2005 by Rampant TechPress
-- This script is free for non-commercial purposes
-- with no warranties.  Use at your own risk.
-- To license this script for a commercial purpose,
-- contact
-- *************************************************

CREATE TABLE job_chain (
  created_timestamp  TIMESTAMP,
  task_name          VARCHAR2(20)

The job_chain_create.sql script creates a package specification and body that will do all the work for the example job chain.

The above text is an excerpt from:

Oracle Job Scheduling
Creating Robust Task Management with dbms_job and Oracle10g dbms_scheduler

ISBN 0-9744486-6-4

by Dr. Timothy S. Hall

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