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While I’ve been writing this book, I’ve been perusing the Web frequently, looking for information about Oracle. Information about anything can be found on the Web, and Oracle is no exception. Keyword searches on “oracle” will turn up hundreds of hits. Here are some of the best resources that I’ve found for getting the answers to Oracle questions.

Frequently Asked Questions And White Papers

There are several Web sites, both commercial and individual, that provide white papers and answers to Oracle questions. You’ll probably want to bookmark at least one of these sites.

  • The Cobb Group has set up the Exploring Oracle Developer/2000 and Designer/2000 page (

  • JCC’s Oracle Home Page ( has a search engine for Oracle7 topics, as well as links to other resources.

  • The Oracle FAQ Contents page ( breaks down questions into several topics.

  • The Oracle User Resource ( has several white papers available online.

  • Orapub of Earth ( provides several online papers.

  • The RGS Oracle-PL/SQL-WWW interface page ( includes PL/SQL blocks to perform useful functions as well as some Java and Perl information.

  • Underground Oracle Frequently Asked Questions ( is an excellent online resource for searching through front-line wisdom and answers some very tough questions.

Most white papers available online use Adobe Acrobat format. The Adobe Acrobat reader is available at


In the fall of 1996, the newsgroup was split into the following newsgroups:

  • deals with server-related issues.

  • deals with questions regarding the Designer/2000, Developer/2000, and other Oracle products other than the database server.

  • is an excellent place to go looking for a job, if you’re an Oracle professional. This newsgroup also serves as a forum for third-party software developers to announce their products.

  • handles issues that don’t belong in the other subgroups.

  • remains in service as well, but is now lightly used.

These newsgroups are an excellent place to find information about specific Oracle-related topics. If you have access to Usenet newsgroups, do yourself a favor, and subscribe to one or more of these subgroups.

Oracle on Linux

Since 1995, Linux (a free version of Unix for x86 processors) has been gaining popularity. It was inevitable that these users would eventually want Oracle on their systems. Currently, Oracle has no plans to implement a Linux version (nor do I expect that to change). Still, Linux users press ahead by running Oracle for SCO Unix under Linux. There are a few Web pages that provide information about getting Oracle for SCO up and running under Linux.

This is an excerpt from the book "High Performance Oracle Database Automation" by Jonathan Ingram and Donald K. Burleson, Series Editor.


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