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Locating Runtime Errors
Oracle Tips by Burleson

Locating a runtime error in a complex piece of code (or one that runs through several pieces of code) is a time-consuming and grueling task. There are two basic ways of isolating a runtime error inside a block of code:

  • Ignoring exceptions—allowing errors to rise to the highest level, and debugging based on line number and error text.

  • Using a tracepoint variable to keep track of the object’s execution.

Each of these methods is discussed in detail in the following sections. Keep in mind that each of these methods is an extreme approach and that these approaches can be blended to best suit your programming style.

Ignoring Exceptions

The basic idea of this approach is that the line and position values returned by Oracle are the most effective method of isolating a problem. Consequently, the developer ignores the use of exception handlers and expects each exception to be raised to the highest possible level.

One significant effect of this approach is that operations are always interrupted if an error occurs while executing a stored PL/SQL object. This error is raised to the highest possible level. Unfortunately, this makes for a very hostile environment for users because every error that occurs interrupts and potentially destroys work.

When an error occurs, the developer collects the error text from the user and begins stepping through the object by hand. The developer must figure out what parameter values were passed to the object and then execute the code to reproduce and isolate the error.

This is an excerpt from the book "High Performance Oracle Database Automation" by Jonathan Ingram and Donald K. Burleson, Series Editor.


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