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A SAVEPOINT  is a marker within a transaction that allows for a partial rollback.  As changes are made in a transaction, we can create SAVEPOINTs to mark different points within the transaction.  If we encounter an error, we can rollback to a SAVEPOINT or all the way back to the beginning of the transaction.

  2  VALUES ('A11l', 'john',
  3          'garmany', '123-345-4567',
  4          '1234 here st', 'denver',
  5          'CO','90204', '9999'); 

1 row created. 

SQL> savepoint in_author; 

Savepoint created. 


1 row created.

SQL> savepoint in_book_author;

Savepoint created.

  2  VALUES ('B130', 'P002', 'easy oracle sql',
  3          'miscellaneous', 9.95, 1000, 15, 0, '',
  4          to_date ('02-20-2005','MM-DD-YYYY'));

1 row created.

SQL> rollback to in_author;

Rollback complete.

In the example above, I inserted a row into the AUTHOR table and created a SAVEPOINT called in_author.  Next, I inserted a row into the book_author table and created another SAVEPOINT called in_book_author.  Finally, I inserted a row in the BOOK table.  I then issued a ROLLBACK to in_author.  At this point, the row inserted into the AUTHOR table is still there and not committed.  The rows added to the book and book_author tables have been discarded. At this point, I can continue to make changes, issue a ROLLBACK to the start of the transaction, or issue a COMMIT and commit the row in the author table.

The above book excerpt is from:

Easy Oracle SQL

Get Started Fast writing SQL Reports with SQL*Plus

ISBN 0-9727513-7-8

Col. John Garmany


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