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EnterpriseDB: Management Server
Oracle Tips by Burleson

EnterpriseDB offers enterprise class administration by providing the EnterpriseDB DBA Management Server.  The DBA Management Server is a web based database monitoring and configuration tool.  You can monitor multiple database servers from a central DBA Management Server.

You can launch the DBA Management Server by selecting it from the EnterpriseDB menu or you can navigate to the URL directly by entering http://<server name>localhost:9000/edb-mgmtsvr.  Replace the <server name> with the name of the host that is running your EnterpriseDB DBA Management Server.

I have tested the management server with IE 5.1, 6.0 and 7.0 and with Firefox 1.5 and 2.0.  Depending on your security settings, you may get a certificate error.  You can choose to ignore the error and the page should still launch.

Once you have logged in, you will navigate through the management server via a menu.  The menu options are Home, Monitoring, SQL, Scheduler, Messaging, Reporting, EnterpriseDB Network and Online Help.  Each of these menu options and their sub-options are detailed below.

Many of the screens and reports contain an Adobe PDF icon.  If you click on that icon, the DBA Management Server will generate a PDF file of the information you are viewing and launch the Adobe viewer.

Before using the DBA Management Server, you must first login.  You will need to login as a DBA or as a super user such as the enterprisedb user.

Figure 6.1: EnterpriseDB DBA Management Server Login


The first menu that I will cover is the Home menu.  The first sub-option under Home is Home Page.  This page launches when you first enter the DBA Management Server.

Home Page

The DBA Management Server home page is a dashboard showing the general activity on your system.  If you have two gray areas on your screen informing you that you must enable block-level statistics, re-read the DBA Management Server overview in Chapter 2 or read below in the section titled "Configuration".

When you view the home page, Figure 6.2, you will originally see only a single tab with the label of the local database.  You are able to add multiple databases by registering clusters and each cluster you register will add a new tab to the home page.

Figure 6.2: EnterpriseDB DBA Management Server Home

The first graph is a display of the number of transactions that have been run in both the EDB and MGMTSVR databases.  The second graph is a display of the memory activity and the third graph is a display of the file IO. 

You can choose whether or not to include any particular databases by changing the configuration of the cluster.


This is an excerpt from the book "EnterpriseDB: The Definitive Reference" by Rampant TechPress.


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