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Monitoring Database Initialization Parameters

The database initialization parameters are critical parts of the database. I have seen many installations where administrators were very diligent about database backups but neglected to document the settings of their initialization parameters. At some installations DBAs—or should I say DBBSs (database babysitters)—didn’t even know the location of the init<SID>.ora file.    

The documentation of the parameters has been covered in earlier sections; with the advent of Oracle, the v$parameter file provides the source for discovering the value and status of any documented initialization file parameter in effect for the current session (previously it was for the instance.) Oracle also added the V$PARAMETER2, V$SYSTEM_PARAMETER, and V$SYSTEM_PARAMETER2 views. The V$SYSTEM_PARAMETERS view shows the instancewide parameter values. The V$PARAMETER2 and V$SYSTEM_PARAMETER2 views show the same parameters as their nonnumbered counterparts, except that any multivalues string (such as CONTROL_FILE or ROLLBACK_SEGMENT) will have an individual listing for each value of the string, differentiated by an ORDINAL column to tell you the order that the substring occurred within the master string. A simple script to generate a nearly ready-for-prime-time init<SID>.ora file is listed in Source 11.34. Of course, with Oracle, you can use the CREATE PFILE command if you have a current SPFILE to generate a parameter file listing.

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