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Monitoring Synonyms Using the V$ and DBA_ Views 

Synonyms remain the same in Oracle8, Oracle8i, and Oracle. The major changes that have affected synonyms are those to the structure of the connection strings from SQL*NET V1 to V2 to NET8. Despite the fact that synonyms are the key to providing cross-database access for queries, and a means of implementing distributed data across nodes, systems, and databases, in all the reports reviewed for this book, not one seemed to cover synonyms. Recall that a synonym allows a shorthand version of an object name to be specified. The parts of a synonym are the object name (which usually includes an owner) and, possibly, a database link that will also provide an Oracle user name and password to a remote system. A complete report will show all of these items.       

Why is it important to monitor synonyms? Synonyms can be used to access data, sometimes data that shouldn’t be accessed if object grants have been too widely granted. In addition, they are the means for reaching other nodes and databases. If a connect string becomes invalid, a user name is disconnected or its password changes or node name changes, it is good to be able to see which object synonyms will be affected. Source 11.20 shows a script for a synonym report, and Listing 11.17 shows an example of output from a synonym script.

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