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Oracle Resource Groups 

Oracle8i added the concept of Oracle resource groups. A resource group specification allows you to specify that a given group of database users can use only a certain percentage of the CPU resources on the system. A resource plan must be developed in a waterfall-type structure that defines the various levels within the application and their percentage allotment of CPU resources, where each subsequent level’s percentage is based on the previous level.

Creating a Resource Plan

Rather than a simple CREATE RESOURCE PLAN command, Oracle8i has a series of packages that must be run in a specific order to create a proper resource plan. All resource plans are created in a pending area before being validated and committed to the database. The requirements for a valid resource plan are outlined later in section titled “DBMS_RESOURCE_MANAGER Package.”     

Resource plans can have up to 32 levels with 32 groups per level, allowing the most complex resource plan to be easily grouped. Multiple plans, subplans, and groups can all be tied together in an application, spanning CPU resource utilization rule set through the use of directives.

Creating a Resource Plan Manually

By manually creating a resource plan, you can change the resource allocations for the active session pool, which defaults to 1000000; the queuing resources for sessions, which defaults to 1000000; the maximum estimated execution time, which defaults to 1000000; and the undo pool allocation, which, as you have probably guessed, defaults to 1000000. If you use the Oracle Enterprise Manager to create and maintain plans, you are limited to controlling CPU allocation and parallel process allocation only.

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