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The OSOPER and OSDBA roles are created at the operating system level when Oracle is installed; they cannot be granted. The OSOPER and OSDBA roles are needed to perform database operations when the database is not mounted and, therefore, the data dictionary is not accessible. It is the OSOPER and OSDBA roles that are used when you CONNECT INTERNAL to the database using Server Manager. The database roles correspond to the operating system level role (or group) assignments of SYSDBA and SYSOPER.

The OSOPER role can perform the following:

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The OSDBA role also has the OSOPER role. In addition, the OSDBA role has the WITH ADMIN OPTION to allow it to grant system privileges to other users. This is the role that is used to create the database and to use for time-based recovery processes. Both the OSOPER and OSDBA roles include the RESTRICTED SESSION system privilege.      

If you intend to allow remote users to CONNECT INTERNAL, you need to set the REMOTE_LOGIN_PASSWORDFILE option in your database parameter file to either EXCLUSIVE or SHARED. The user will then connect in Server Manager with the AS SYSDBA or AS SYSOPER clause at the end of the CONNECT command (CONNECT SYS AS SYSDBA). The privileges assigned to SYSDBA correspond to those for OSDBA. The privileges assigned to SYSOPER correspond to OSOPER. The operating system verifies the password provided using an external operating system file. This external file is generated using the ORAPWD utility. When the password for the INTERNAL or SYS accounts is changed with the ALTER USER command, the changes are mapped to the operating system password file. The V$PWFILE_USERS view lists users with the SYSDBA and SYSOPER privileges

Internal Roles in Oracle8, Oracle8i, and Oracle

Oracle8, Oracle8i, and Oracle have the following internal roles that are created based on the options you select to load during installation:

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The CONNECT, RESOURCE, and DBA roles are predefined roles that are available for backward compatibility. These are generated by Oracle when the database is created. When you create a user with Oracle Enterprise Manager, the CONNECT role is automatically granted to that user. In some releases, the RESOURCE privilege has the hidden grant UNLIMITED TABLESPACE, which allows the user receiving the grant to create objects in any tablespace, including SYSTEM.


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