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Alteration of Clusters

Only the sizing and storage parameters of clusters may be altered, via the ALTER CLUSTER command. No additional columns may be added to, or removed from, the cluster using the ALTER CLUSTER command. The format of the command follows:

See Code Depot

The definitions for the parameters in this code are the same as for the CREATE TABLE, CREATE CLUSTER, and storage clause definitions.

In Oracle, the structure of a cluster and its associated index and tables can be analyzed for consistency and for sizing data using the ANALYZE CLUSTER command. The format of this command follows:

See Code Depot


COMPUTE STATISTICS. Calculates statistics based on all rows.

ESTIMATE STATISTICS. Calculates an estimate of the statistics based on n ROWS or PERCENT of rows in table.

VALIDATE STRUCTURE. Validates that the table and its indexes are consistent and not corrupted.

CASCADE. For clusters, validates all tables in cluster.

DELETE STATISTICS. Removes current statistics.

       The results appear in the DBA_CLUSTERS view.

       To verify a cluster’s integrity, use the following version of the ANALYZE command.

ANALYZE CLUSTER [schema.]cluster


The CASCADE option forces analysis of all indexes and tables in the cluster.


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