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Real Application Clusters 

Let's take a more detailed look at Oracle RAC. The RAC architecture provides: 

  • Cache Fusion

  • True scalability

  • Enhanced reliability    

RAC allows the DBA true transparent scalability. In order to increase the number of servers in almost all other architectures, including Oracle's previous OPS, data and application changes were required or in many cases performance would actually get worse. With RAC:

  • All Applications Scale – No tuning required

  • No Physical Data Partitioning required

  • ISV Applications Scale out of the box     

This automatic, transparent scaling is due almost entirely to the RAC's cache fusion and the unique parallel architecture of the RAC implementation on Oracle. Since the processing of requests is spread across the RAC instances evenly and all access a single database image instead of multiple images, addition of a server or servers requires no architecture changes, no remapping of data and no recoding. In addition, failure of a single node results in only loss of its addition to scalability, not in loss of its data since a single database image is utilized.

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