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If STATSPACK is used to tune a performance problem, the first step is the installation of the product.  STATSPACK is shipped with most versions of Oracle.  If a user’s version of Oracle is one of the few that does not have STATSPACK, then a copy can be obtained from Oracle. 

There is no point in duplicating documentation that Oracle already provides, so this section will not attempt to repeat the information available on Metalink in documents like Note 149113.1.  This Note provides instructions for installing and configuring STATSPACK.  This chapter will only highlight the basic process and mention a few important things to keep in mind when installing STATSPACK. 

The install process is initiated by running the spcreate.sql script while connected to SQL*Plus as sysdba.  Spcreate.sql is short for STATSPACK create.  The STATSPACK scripts are prefixed with “sp” which makes them easier to remember.  The default location for the creation script, as well as the additional STATSPACK scripts, is the rdbms/admin subdirectory of the Oracle Home. 

Before running this script, it is helpful to make a list of the tablespaces that are available for storing the STATSPACK repository data.  For many reasons, the STATSPACK repository should not be installed into the system tablespace. The installation script is designed to abort if this is attempted.  When prompted for a tablespace name, choose a tablespace designated for tools.  The installation script will list the available tablespaces before prompting for a choice.  If there are only a few tablespaces, using the prompt will work; however, if there are many tablespaces, it may be easier to query for a list of tablespaces with the name tool as part of the name if that is the naming standard.

Also, if an older version of Oracle that includes the svrmgrl program is being used, DO NOT use this program to install STATSPACK.  svrmgrl does not support some of the commands that are part of the install script.  In this instance, SQL*Plus should be used instead of svrmgrl. 

The install should be fairly simple and painless. It will create the tables and packages that will be used for monitoring database statistics.  It will also create a user called PERFSTAT with a default password of PERFSTAT.  Oracle Note 160861.1 contains a recommendation for changing the default password for security reasons.

The above book excerpt is from:

Oracle Wait Event Tuning

High Performance with Wait Event Iinterface Analysis 

ISBN 0-9745993-7-9  

Stephen Andert


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