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Benchmark Hardware Architecture

SSD technology is available for use with most operating systems and architectures. The SSD from Texas Memory Systems for example is treated as a standard SCSI Fiber attached disk array.

In picking the architecture for this series of tests it was decided to use the Intel based commodity type architecture which is one of the fastest growing architectures today. This would allow the tests to be recreated by anyone with even a modest equipment budget. The server architecture used in the study consisted of the following hardware:

2-Linux Servers each with:

  • 2 - 1.88 GHz AMD 244 CPUs each with .75MB I-cache, 1.5MB D-cache.

  • 4 GB PC2700 DDR-33 Memory

  • 1 PCI Fibre Channel 2X Card

  • 1 PCI Lan Adapter

  • 1 DVD ROM

  • 2 SCSI Cards

In choosing the disk architecture it was felt that using SCSI would best show the same level of hardware utilized by a majority of sites. However, the failure of the SCSI array early in the testing forced the switch to an ATA disk array that was ultimately the architecture used. Therefore a disk array subsystem consisting of the following was used:

  • 1 SCSI Array (with a total of 2 - 36GB 10000 RPM Disks)

  • 1 ATA array (with a total of 7-200GB 7200 RPM Disks)

  • 1 Texas Memory System 64 Gigabyte SSD Array

The system used in the study is diagramed in Figure 2.1.

Once the basic test plan (TPCH) and test architecture were chosen the exact methodology to be utilized had to be decided.

The above book excerpt is from:

Oracle Solid State Disk Tuning

High Performance Oracle tuning with RAM disk

ISBN 0-9744486-5-6  

Donald K. Burleson & Mike Ault


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