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Donald K. Burleson

Oracle Apps 11i Support Consulting


Praetoriate offers world-class Oracle Applications support at competitive rates.  Praetoriate is a recognized expert in Oracle Applications support, Oracle Apps Upgrades, Oracle Apps consulting services. 

Praetoriate Oracle11i applications consultants are available for the following types of Oracle apps support consulting services.

  • Oracle Apps 11i Upgrades – We offer expert Oracle11i support by OCP-certified Oracle DBAs at some of the best prices in the industry.  Click here for details on our 11i upgrade services.

  • Remote Oracle11i apps support - Praetoriate offers a full-range of Remote Oracle applications support, covering every aspect of your ERP solution. 

  • Oracle concurrent manager support – Praetoriate Oracle applications 11i consultants are available to travel to your site for short-term Oracle11i concurrent manager training. We also tune the concurrent manager by managing queues, workshifts, priorities, incompatibility rules, and end-user training.

  • Oracle Applications 11i Tuning – Praetoriate consultants  wrote the book on Oracle tuning and we specialize in improving Oracle Applications performance on Oracle8, Oracle8i and Oracle. 

  • Setup Oracle11i Applications request sets - When a department or user runs the same requests daily, weekly, or monthly, then those requests can be grouped into a request set so that the user or operators have to only submit one request instead of numerous requests.

  • Oracle Apps 11i User Management - Create users and associate them to roles and responsibilities. We also create custom responsibilities and menus screens for Oracle applications.

  • Oracle apps 11i requirements definition - Praetoriate can also assist in defining requirements for vendor software packages, and participate in evaluation of vendor (technical) software packages.

  • Oracle Apps 11i Support Training – Praetoriate consultants can come on-site and train you to install, tune and manage your Oracle Applications.

  • Oracle Applications 11i Support for Upgrades – This is a popular service where we handle your migration from Oracle apps 1103 or 10.7 to Oracle apps 11i.

  • Generic Oracle11i Applications Support - We offer world-class Oracle support for Oracle Applications and offer the best rates for upgrading Oracle Applications, including 11i.

  • Remote Support for Oracle11i Applications - Praetoriate offers world-class remote Oracle applications 11i support for companies that are too small to have a full-time Oracle apps DBA.

  • Oracle Applications 11i patches - Praetoriate provides complete services for applying patches to all modules of Oracle applications.


What people are saying about our remote Oracle apps support:

  • "I have never worked with a DBA this good before" - R. Branch

  • "Very professional and cost-effective Oracle Apps support" - N. MacDonnald

  • "Best remote support I have ever had" - A. Eftekhari







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