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Oracle Shared Pool

The shared pool is the most important area of the SGA, except for the data buffer caches. There are a number of sub-areas within the SGA, each with its own important purpose. Unfortunately, all of the sub-areas are controlled by the single shared_pool_size parameter.   A shortage of shared pool RAM may result in high library cache reloads, high row cache reloads, and shared pool latch contention. You may also see the error: "ORA-04031: Out of shared pool memory".

For complete details on Oracle shared pool memory, see my master book "Oracle Tuning: The Definitive Reference".

Since it is not possible to dedicate separate regions of memory for the shared pool components, the shared pool is usually the second-largest SGA memory area (depending on the size of the db_cache_size parameter). The shared pool contains RAM memory regions that serve the following purposes:

Library cache – The library cache contains the current SQL execution plan information. It also holds stored procedures and trigger code.

Dictionary cache - The dictionary cache stores environmental information, which includes referential integrity, table definitions, indexing information, and other metadata stored within Oracle's internal tables.

Session information – Systems that use SQL*Net version 2 with a multi-threaded server need this area to store session information. Beginning with Oracle, the v$session view contains information related to Oracle*Net users.

Also, see my other notes on the Oracle shared pool:


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