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Trend-based Oracle Reconfiguration

A common approach to trend-based reconfiguration is to use STATSPACK historical data to proactively reconfigure the database. A good analogy is just-in-time manufacturing, where parts appear on the plant floor just as they are needed for assembly. Oracle enables the DBA to anticipate processing needs and regularly schedule appropriate intervention, insuring that SGA resources are delivered just-in-time for processing tasks.

For those who would like to investigate STATSPACK features and abilities at a deeper level, two informative books are available from Oracle Press:

  • Oracle High-performance Tuning with STATSPACK - Oracle Press, by Donald K. Burleson.

  • Oracle High-performance Tuning with STATSPACK - Oracle Press, by Donald K. Burleson.

The entire range of techniques and options available for trend identification using STATSPACK are beyond the scope of this book. We will concentrate here on examining STATSPACK reports that indicate trends in the behavior of the data buffer pools. Average data buffer hit ratios can be generated along two dimensions:

  • Average DBHR by day of the week

  • Average DBHR by hour of the day

Either of these reports will supply invaluable information for spotting usage trends in the Oracle database. Change occurs in the data buffers rapidly, and sometimes a long-term analysis will provide clues that point to processing problems within the database. Almost every Oracle database exhibits patterns that are linked to regular processing schedules, called signatures. The following sections will plot the average data buffer hit ratio for an Oracle database over different intervals.


The above text is an excerpt from "Creating a Self Tuning Oracle Database", by Rampant TechPress.  It is only $9.95 and all scripts in this tips can be immediately downloaded.

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