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Scheduling Oracle SGA Reconfiguration

One of the most common techniques for reconfiguring an Oracle instance is to use a shell script. To illustrate a simple example, consider a database that runs in online transaction-processing mode during the day and data warehouse mode at night. For this type of database, the Oracle DBA can schedule a job to reconfigure the instance to the most appropriate configuration for the type of processing that is being done.

Oracle professionals generally use two tools for scheduling a dynamic reconfiguration. The most common approach is to use a UNIX cron job in order to schedule a periodic reconfiguration, while some other Oracle professionals prefer to use the Oracle dbms_job utility. Both of these approaches allow the Oracle professional to schedule a reconfiguration.

In the example, below we see a UNIX script that can be used to reconfigure Oracle for decision support processing. One must note the important changes to the configuration in the shared_pool, db_cache_size, and pga_aggregate_target in order to accommodate data warehouse activity.

Here is a script to change Oracle into DSS-mode each evening at 6:00 PM


# First, we must set the environment . . . .
ORACLE_HOME=`cat /etc/oratab|grep ^$ORACLE_SID:|cut -f2 -d':'`
#ORACLE_HOME=`cat /var/opt/oracle/oratab|grep ^$ORACLE_SID:|cut -f2 -d':'`
export PATH

$ORACLE_HOME/bin/sqlplus –s /nologin<<!
connect system/manager as sysdba;

alter system set db_cache_size =1500m;

alter system set shared_pool_size =500m;

alter system set pga_aggregate_target =4000m;


As we can see, writing scripts to re-configure the SGA is easy. Next, let’s look at how to use buffer trend reports from Oracle STATSPACK to predict those times when the data buffers need additional RAM.


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