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With over 250 Oracle parameters and thousands of metrics, it is no small task for the Oracle administrator to zero-in on the most important measures of the health of his or her Oracle database. Many database administrators use the following list to get a general idea of the overall health of their systems.

• Data Buffer Hit Ratio Alert - This report alerts the DBA when the data buffer hit ratio falls below the preset threshold.

• Redo Log Space Requests Alert - If redo log space requests are greater than 0, you may want to increase the log_buffer parameter.

• Shared Pool Contention Alert - Enqueue deadlocks can indicate contention within the shared pool, as well as locking-related problems.

• System Waits Alert - This query interrogates the Oracle event structures to locate events that may be experiencing excessive waits. If you experience waits on latch free, enqueue, LGWR waits, or buffer busy waits, you need to locate the cause of the contention.

• Library Cache Misses Alert - This query looks for excessive library cache miss ratios. When the library cache miss ratio is greater than .02, you may want to increase the value of the shared_pool_size parameter.

• Database Writer Contention Alert - This query checks Oracle for values in summed dirty queue length, write requests, and DBWR checkpoints. When the write request length is greater than 3 or your DBWR checkpoint waits, you need to look at tuning the database writer processes.

• Data Dictionary Miss Ratio Alert - This script alerts the DBA when requests for data dictionary metadata are high. Increasing the shared_pool_size parameter can sometimes relieve this problem.

• Data Dictionary Object Alert - This report can reveal internal contention within the Oracle data dictionary, as well as a high rate of requests for dictionary metadata.

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