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Using Oracle STATSPACK for the Data Buffer Hit Ratio

STATSPACK uses the stats$buffer_pool_statistics table for monitoring buffer pool statistics. This table contains the following useful columns:

  • name - This column shows the name of the data buffer (KEEP, RECYCLE, or DEFAULT).

  • free_buffer_wait - This is a count of the number of waits on free buffers.

  • buffer_busy_wait - This is the number of times a requested block was in the data buffer but unavailable because of a conflict.

  • db_block_gets - This is the number of database block gets, which are either logical or physical.

  • consistent_gets - This is the number of logical reads.

  • physical_reads - This is the number of disk block fetch requests issued by Oracle. (Remember, this is not always a “real” read because of disk array caching.)

  • physical_writes - This is the number of physical disk write requests from Oracle. If you have a disk array, the actual writes are performed asynchronously.

These STATSPACK columns provide information that can be used to measure several important metrics, including the most important, the data buffer hit ratio.


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