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Finding large files on a UNIX server

The following command is very useful in cases where a UNIX file system has become full. As we may know, Oracle will hang whenever Oracle must expand a tablespace and Oracle cannot extend the UNIX filesystem.

When a UNIX file become unexpectedly full, it may be because Oracle has written a huge core or trace file into the UNIX filesystem.

The script below will display all files that are greaten then one megabyte in size. Note that the size parameter is specified in K-bytes.

root> find . -size +1024 –print

Of course, you can easily append the xargs of –exec command to automatically remove the large file:

root> find . -size +1024 –print|xargs –i rm \;

The above is an excerpt from the "Oracle UNIX Administration Handbook" by Oracle press, authored by Donald K. Burleson.


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